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Author/Public Speaking

Hazel-Ann is the first female student to attend an all-male 150-year old high school in the history of Trinidad and Tobago. She documents her experience in her book “A Sparkle of Royal Blue: Memoirs of the first female student of QRC”. Her 4+ star book reviews highlight the value for women navigating a male-dominated environment.

Women’s Leadership Network

I have developed a Women’s Leadership Framework that has worked for me in my career. I want to share that with you. Do you want to know how you could lead with strength and integrity?

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Become part of the Sparkle Women’s Leadership Network. The network was developed for women in mind who are young professionals seeking guidance on how to take their leadership to the next level. It is also a great place for women in senior positions to fine tune their own leadership skills and function more effectively in their male-dominated environments.

Know where you are on the framework

Connect with other women who are on similar paths

Learn new tips and tricks for Leading in male environments

Transform your fear to courage

Sparkle Leadership ebook

Get a step-by-step guide on navigating and leading effectively in male-dominated environments. Learn about the Framework for success and the steps that you can take to make you successful

Join the Sparkle Women's Leadership Network

Join with other women as we mentor, support and learn with each other. Become part of a powerful network of women as we focus on developing our leadership skills

Leadership Workshops

Join me and a small group of women in an intimate session to learn more about leading and the Sparkle Women’s Leadership Framework. We will discuss a focused area at a time so that you can go deeper and strengthen our leadership skills

Who is the network for?

The network is for women who are in leadership positions or who aspire to be and find that they need to interact with mostly men.  The women in this course are brilliant and established but may find that there are areas for improvement to create a new perspective of themselves as strong and independently-minded.

The three sections of the Framework are:

  • Master your Domain
  • Become a Peer
  • Lead

About Me

Hazel is the first woman to graduate from a prestigious high school in Trinidad and Tobago – Queen’s Royal College. Two years in an all-male enclave of students and professors taught her to hold her ground with mastery rather than raw power; a skill she uses every day.

Hazel’s book about her life experiences, “A Sparkle of Royal Blue” has been shared with audiences throughout North America and she continues to promote Women’s Leadership throughout the US and the Caribbean too. She also has deep technical experience in transformation and change management in the healthcare and financial services.
Hazel attended the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh for her MBA.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

“Hazel’s QRC experience provided her with insights in how to navigate a male-dominated world and how males think, bond, and communicate (and to some extent are sexist and play dirty tricks). She was humble enough to not present herself as a threat to them, but strong enough not to be a doormat, either—another balancing act.”

– John Gedeon

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