Navigating Ambiguity, Activating Innovation , and Fostering Open Conversations. Learn how to move from being stuck or out of your comfort zone to Transforming and Trailblazing.


Strategic Visionary & Transformational Leader in Consulting

Hazel-Ann McLean is the CEO of TriVerum, a strategic management consulting firm which specializes in strategic problem solving, in healthcare, non-profits and government agencies.  Renowned for her expertise in Transformational Leadership and Belonging, Hazel-Ann has been a featured speaker at prestigious events such as the Women’s Roundtable Series, where she was invited by Princess Beatrice of York, as well as engagements with Comcast and Bank of New York Mellon.


Strategic Insights for Business Success

The 5 Key Ingredients for Designing a Successful Strategy

An exploration of the fundamental elements that contribute to the formulation of a successful business strategy, offering insights to guide organizations' planning processes.

Mastering the Uncharted: Framework for Executives to Lead with Confidence in Unfamiliar Terrain

A deep dive into leadership strategies tailored for executives navigating unfamiliar and rapidly changing business landscapes, equipping them with the confidence to make informed decisions.

Breaking Boundaries: Crafting a Go-to-Market Masterplan to Propel Your Organization Beyond the Status Quo

This will provide a comprehensive guide to developing effective go-to-market strategies, empowering your membership to break through existing boundaries and reach new heights.


A Multifaceted Odyssey in Expertise and Impact


As a strategist, Hazel-Ann empowers clients with precision, foresight, and fearlessness. Specializing in effective go-to-market strategies, she navigates high-stakes environments, identifying growth opportunities through innovative approaches and analytics-driven solutions.


Hazel-Ann, a Trailblazing Leader, showcases unwavering determination and strategic brilliance. From IT leadership at McKinsey to Vice President roles at Bank of New York Mellon, she navigates intricate landscapes with visionary expertise.


Hazel-Ann, a published author, wrote 'A Sparkle of Royal Blue'—a testament to her resilience as the first female student to attend an all-male high school full-time in Trinidad and Tobago. Her book inspires others to break barriers.


Hazel-Ann, a dedicated advocate for gender equality, is renowned for her insightful briefs and sought-after speaking engagements on women's empowerment. She co-hosted the impactful "Fork in the Road" event at the Frick Museum, spotlighting inclusive leadership and belonging.


Women's Leadership Network

The network is for women who are in leadership positions or who aspire to be and find that they need a network of women to support them to the next level.  They are gifted but may struggle with imposter syndrome. The women in this course are brilliant and established but may find that there are areas for improvement to create a new perspective of themselves as strong and independently- minded.

The three Phases of the Framework
- BE IT!





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